Updated 12/5/2013


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Welo Opal Rough Parcels

   Welo opal is amazing material. Easy to cut and sometimes even clear enough to facet. The one thing to be sure of when buying this material is it's best to buy it dry. Buy it like you would buy Mexican opal. Our material has been out of any water for over 3 years, so most if any crazing has already happened .      All of our Welo is photographed dry, weighed dry, and sold dry.

welo opal parcel -1

Welo Opal Parcel #1  This is a very distracting parcel of opal. Very hard to take your eyes off of. Has bright skin to skin fire in most, and very little matrix. This parcel weighs 1.07 troy ounces the average size is 8.25cts.  The base runs from clear for faceting to slightly milky. Most could be faceted into real flashy stones or even cabbed. There is a dark \ black crystal that is facet grade. One stone has some cracking, while the rest appeared to be crack free. Just about every color of the rainbow is represented in this parcel. This parcel SOLD for $582.75 near 20% off the select stone price.

welo opal parcel -2

Welo Opal Parcel #2 This parcel has very low to a meduim color brightness. Overall not too much matrix and most stones show no signs of any cracking. Some of these will facet with the rest making fair to good looking cabs. Good quality stones, some are not real bright. A bargain for the price. The average size stone in this parcel is 6.89+cts.   This 1.06troz parcel of welo opal is only $49.89

welo opal parcel -3

Welo opal parcel #3  This parcel weighs 1.01 tr oz. This is mostly smaller brightly colored stones, many of them worth faceting. Though others will cut nice cabs or small inlay. There are a few that are small chips but bright. The average weight of the stones in this parcel is 3.9+cts. The price of this nice 1.01troz Welo opal is $59.89