Updated 7/17/10


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Tanzanian Facet Grade Moonstone

Tanzanian moonstone rough 1

  This facet rough looks much better than the pictures show. This is some very interesting material. Most is glassy clear or very near glassy clear with little if any inclusions. This moonstone rough can be cabbed or faceted for spectacular stones. If you really like to experiment with newer ideas this moonstone facet rough can be used as caps for faceted stones with very interesting results. From Tanzania I have recently seen similar material selling at over $1.00 a carat, and that’s before the insane overseas shipping costs.

  Here at www.gemsandrough.com we are always looking to bring you the best deals we can so in that spirit we are selling this rough at just :    $0.85 a carat. There is approximately 500+cts available. Also available is about 1,500cts of material with less clarity that is being sold as cabbing rough for just $0.35 a carat.