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Wide side of 5.10 carat sapphire
sapphire gem rough royal blue, thin side of 5.10ct stone

   This is an approximate 5.10 carat Sapphire it is a deep royal blue on the thin side and a gray on  the wide side. The color you will obtain from cutting on the thin side face up should be an excellent deep royal blue depending on your cut. What appears to be a crack in the wide side picture is actually a ripple on the surface of the stone. For your best yield you should expect to cut 2 stones. It measures approximately 10.17mm X 9.35mm X 4.85mm thick. This stone is a bargain at just $25.50 for the stone. Reserved

Australian Sapphires

sapphire gem rough 1.89cts side view sapphire facet rough 1.89cts end view

  This sapphire weighs approximately 1.89cts and measures approximately 7.51mm X 4.96mm X 4.86mm the color is a lighter yellow and blue. The shape should allow you to be able to cut a nice oval with decent recovery. It is eye clean or better and should make a very bright stone when you are done. ausap-1 $9.45 reserved

a thin 1.81ct sapphire facet rough stone blue and yellow sapphire rough stone

  This is another sapphire that is a bit on the thin side so the yield will be below average. But at the asking price you really canít go wrong. It weighs approximately 1.81cts. and measures approximately 3.56mm X 7.71mm X 5.55mm ausap-4 $3.60 reserved

1.2ct sapphire gem rough 1.2ct sapphire facet rough

   This isnít the best shaped sapphire but for the price you canít go wrong. It weighs 1.20cts. and measures approximately 3.51mm X 5.82mm X 6.77mm. This stone is pretty thin but will make a decent small marquee or oval . the color ausap-2 $2.40 reserved

blue and yellow sapphire gem rough 3.66ct gem sapphire rough stone

  This sapphire is the biggest in the parcel. It weighs approximately 3.66cts. and fairly well shaped. the down side is it does have some crack type inclusions, but you should be able to get an eye clean to slightly included stone with proper planing, and a minimal loss of yield. It measures approximately 10.37mm X 7.24 mm x 6.73mm     ausap-5 $18.30 reserved

1.80ct facet rough sapphire 1.80 gem rough sapphire stone

I believe this sapphire was made for a pear shape, I think.. it is a bit of an odd shaped stone, and a bit tricky to read. The stone weighs approximately 1.80cts and measures approximately 7.88mm X 6.42mm X 5.28mm. the color is yellow and blue. This facet rough appears to be eye clean or better. ausap-3 $7.20 reserved

blue and yellow sapphire rough 2.18ct facet grade sapphire gem rough stone

  Another odd shaped Australian sapphire if cut on the side you will have a super marquee almost per-formed. there are actually several cutting options with this stone. This gem rough weighs approximately 2.18cts. and measures approximately 5.31mm X 5.60mm x 10.07mm this material is priced to sell at just ausap-6 $6.54  reserved

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