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Indicolite Tourmaline Gem Facet Rough

Indicolite tourmaline gem rough from Afghanistan

 Indicolite tourmaline has some of the finest color around. The sizes of this tourmaline facet rough ranges from 37.4+cts down to 2.96cts. Most of these have a closed c-axis but there are a few that have an open c-axis. Nearly every stone will facet an eye clean or better finished stone. Most inclusions are limited to the surface with most stones being internaly clean. This material is from Afghanistan where some of the best tourmaline in the world is found.The prices on this rough will be running between $5.00 and $13.00 a carat. 

Indicolite tourmaline rough
Afghan tourmaline rough

#13= 4.42cts. Eye clean $11.00 a carat. $48.62 13.32mm x 6.15mm x 5.15mm Closed c-axis.SOLD

#14= 2.61cts. Very slightly included $9.00 a carat. $23.49 8.67mm x 6.74mm x 4.30mm Closed c-axis.

#15= 4.52cts. Slightly included $8.00 a carat. $36.16 . most if not all inclusions will facet out with little if any effort. 12.26mm x 7.38mm x 4.39mm Closed c-axis. SOLD!

#16= 2.54cts. Slightly included $7.00 a carat $17.78 some inclusions may facet out with little to no effort. 13.87mm x 4.28mm x 3.85mm Closed c-axis.

#21= 3.68cts. Included $5.00 a carat. $18.40 Best if cut into 2 stones. 14.35mm x 6.04mm x 3.73mm Closed c-axis.

#22= 2.96cts. Slightly included. $7.00 a carat. $20.72 inclusions may cut out. 14.91mm x 5.08mm x 3.60mm Closed c-axis.

#23= 3.27cts. Slightly included. $8.00 a carat. $26.16 inclusions will cut out for eye clean stone. 15.12mm x 5.19mm x 3.93mm Closed c-axis.

#24= 3.44cts. Very slightly included $9.00 a carat. $30.96 inclusions should cut out for eye clean or better with no extra effort. 14.03mm x 5.43mm x 4.15mm Closed c-axis. SOLD!