Updated 7/17/10


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Glass Filled Ruby Rough

glass filled ruby rough

  Ruby in any facetable grade is nearly impossible to find. At a good price is even harder. So when I saw this material and at a decent price I couldn’t pass it up. This is heated African ruby that has been treated with lead glass to improve the clarity. It is a fairly new method of treating rubies and a fairly good one too. This method was used and the cut stones were sold with out any disclosure for several months or longer. Once it was discovered it somewhat upset the market for a while. The fact that so many stones were sold to unwitting buyers should be a indication as to how well the treatment works. The sizes of these stones are running between 1.8cts and 2.9+cts with a total of 21.75cts. the average size is about 2.41cts

  I believe these stones will cut VS to SI clarity. All of these are facetable stones with great color. The price is even better at just $15.00 per carat . There will be a 10% discount for this material if you buy the last of it.