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Facet Rough

 We sell faceting  rough in all grades. We feature gem faceting  roughs in several grades, not just the large or select faceting rough stones. By  doing this we can keep our prices considerably lower for you. Less than the  competition as you will see. Our facet rough selection is constantly changing, and we are always bringing in new  material. We feature not only the standard  faceting roughs but the rare hard to find rough too. You will love our A grades, same great stones as our select rough just smaller sizes. Our B grades  of faceting materials are great for your experimental designs where you don’t want to waste an expensive piece of rough , and for those of you that are  willing to pay less and work a little harder for that nice eye clean and better  gem, or just willing to settle for a slightly included stone with minimal extra  work. Shop around and compare we’re sure you will be back!We only sell facet rough that we would cut  ourselves, no exceptions, and with our no questions asked money back guarantee,  you can’t go wrong!!!

  We are currently working on many new facet  rough deals in hopes of being able to supply you with new inexpensive materials  from around the world. You’ll find we do all we can to supply as many different  types of faceting rough as possible. Because of this you will see that our inventory and selection continues to grow including both the common and the rare  materials. I am dedicated to supplying affordable rough for anyone that is  wanting to cut a stone for fun or  profit.

Small_pink tourmaline




Axinite Rough

Mexican Bytownite


Red Clinohumite

Clinohumite Rough

Pastel Fluorite


Afghan Fluorite


Afghan Hiddenite

Kunzite Rough

Opal Facet Rough




Rose Quartz

indicolite tourmaline

Montana sapphire

Pink Scapolite

Light Purple Scapolite


Synthetic Rough

Tanzanian sunstone



Zircon rough

Select facet rough


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beryl Chrome_diopside
kunzite faceting rough
Bastnaesite facet rough