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Custom Cut Gemstones

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Custom cut gemstones indicolite tourmaline faceted gemstone neon blue apatite Custome cut sapphire gemstones Tangerine garnet faceted gemstones Red Zircon faceted gems custom cut green tourmaline  Tourmaline faceted gemstones

 Buying gemstones on the internet can be an exhausting experience even for the educated buyer. Here at gems and rough we want to take the hassle out of buying quality custom cut gems. The faceted gemstones you buy here will not have windows and will be of high quality . Many of the gems you buy here will be unique and of their own design or of a design you will only be able to purchase here from this site. That is because every gemstone we sell is crafted one at a time by craftsmen \ designers that care and have pride in the product they create, and it shows. Our gemstones are not mass produced in a cutting house \ factory that can pump out possibly hundreds of stones a day of the same design and all to often at a much lower quality . This will sometimes be obvious in the form of windowed stones. Our stones will not have windows.

 We believe that a gemstone should be an object of beauty not just another polished stone. Which is why the gemstones you buy from us will come with our no hassle money back guarantee. We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t feel that our stones were accurately described, fairly priced and of a very good quality.


low to medium grade opals at great prices high grade opal
The ear -  Picture opal

 We have very high grade opals, cut from $10,000 a troy ounce rough as well as the lower grade opals for those on a tighter budget. Here at gems and rough we believe in selling all grades of opal. So someone, even if on a low budget, might be able to purchase a really nice opal. Even what we consider lower grade will put the generic department store opals to shame, both in price and quality. If you want your stone mounted let me know I have many contacts with jewelers that would be more than willing to mount your stones for you . They can even design a mounting especially for you from your specifications or drawings. The jewelers I do business with are highly skilled professional’s with decades of experience in custom crafted settings and standard mountings. If interested in a jewelers service when you purchase your stone let me know and we can work out the details.

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