Updated 7/17/10


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Bohemian Moldavite Rough

Bohemian Moldavite Facet Gem Rough

 Bohemian Moldavite is a very unique facet rough. It was formed millions of years ago from a large asteroid or meteor that was so hot when it hit the earth it melted the ground , throwing upward molten material that landed over a large area in the Czech Replubic.

   I purchased a small parcel of this material due to a request .There is four stones available at just $0.79 a carat. I am going to call these stones slightly included even though they look very clean. But due to the fact it may be hard to see any inclusions in the rough due to the irregular textured exteriors of some of these stones, I prefer to call them a lower grade than find out later they may have had some unseen inclusions.

Stone#1 Sold = 19.90cts. Aproximately 22.89mm x 15.82mm x 10.99mm.

Stone#2 $30.61 = 38.75cts. Reserved. Aproximately 26.32mm x 14.42mm x 21.19mm

Stone#3 $23.23 = 29.40cts. Reserved. Aproximately 23.21mm x 19.65mm x 9.25mm

Stone#4 $25.99 = 32.90cts. Reserved. Aproximately 17.92mm x 12.04mm x 16.68mm. (The little spur on this stone was not used in the measurement.)