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Nigerian Beryl

Beryl gem facet rough

 This Nigerian Beryl facet rough is some pretty nice material ranging from a hint of slight blue to a hint of slight green this is mostly large material ranging from 48.75ct. to 14.5ct. Some of this facet rough does have some inclusions as in small cracks but should not effect the yield in most cases, and is sorted into different grades and price scales to account for this. Either way all of this material is priced to sell. Ranging in price from $1.10ct. for the slightly included to $1.50ct for the clean facet rough material. This is cheaper than most people can get it for from Nigeria before shipping costs are added !

Grade B1=$1.25 ct. This Nigerian beryl facet rough has slight crack type inclusions that should have very little if any effect if any on the yield of these stones. 5 stones available.

Grade B-2=$1.00 ct. This material has inclusions that will effect the eye clean yield of the stone or should be cut into 2 stones or more for best yield and clean stones. Doing this will give you very near normal yield

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