Updated 8/25/2012


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Australian Opal Rough

  Australian opal is known the world over for quality, and the many different types available. These types range from the prized Lightning Ridge blacks to the Coober Pedy whites, and the famed Andamooka crystal and matrix opals. The boulder opals can be some of the brightest seam opal around and with fine patterns in ironstone they can create some very unique cut stones. Click on the pictures below to see what we have available from the various fields in Australia. I’m sure we can supply you something  to meet your needs and at a price you won’t want to miss out on. All of the stones pictured below are photographed dry, so you can expect much more fire when wet or polished. These pictures really don’t do this rough any justice.

Lambina Dark base-1 andamooka rainbow matrix opal-1
boulder opal jar 1-2