Updated 7/17/10


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Natural Alexandrite Rough

alexandrite rough

  This is some of the rarest rough around. Alexandrite rough is nearly impossible to get, and a highly prized find. Cabs can sell for well over $150 per carat and faceted stones over $1,000 per carat. I honestly do not know when if ever I well ever be able to replace this rough once it is gone.

  This material is a mix of facet and cabbing rough. Some stones are facetable or have facetable areas. But most are cabbing rough. This rare material has an excellent color change from violet in incandescent light to a deep green in sunlight.

  We are selling this hard to acquire material strictly as a blind pour for $15.00 per carat. Or $14.00 per carat if you buy the entire parcel or what is left when you place your order. There is approximately 66cts available.