Updated 7/17/10


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African Facet Rough Opal

African opal Facet rough

  This African facet grade opal has some fairly good clarity for faceting some nice stones. The color ranges from a yellow to a honey brown. Some of this rough will have some haziness to it but is typical of most opal. This is a common opal and doesn’t have any fire that I have seen. A lot of this material is very similar to the Oregon opal that is facetable, but this opal is selling for much less than the $1,750 to $2,500 per kilo I have seen in recent years for Oregon opal. Some stones may have some inclusions that can be cut out or cut around and still get a good yield. The sizes of this material is running between 5cts and over 100cts per stone.

  We are selling this rough for just $0.25 per carat. Or $0.20 per carat if you purchase a 500+cts parcel or the last of the material. This may be the lowest price for any facetable opal rough on the net.