Updated 12/20/2004 8:00pm PST

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Afghanistan Emeralds

grade A-2 gem facet rough
facet grade gem rough
emerald  facet gem rough emerald facet grade gem rough

  Emeralds from Afghanistan. This is some of the famed Panjsher Emeralds. They are of nice color, and seem to have pretty good clarity. None of the pictures do this rough any justice at all.

   For those of you that have always wished you could cut that nice emerald but the price of emerald facet rough held you back, this may be the chance you have been looking for to cut that stone. As with most emeralds this material will have some inclusions, though there are a few that appear to be eye clean to near loupe clean. Even if untreated there will be some very nice higher grade stones cut from this gem rough. There is a lot of medium to high facet grade stones in this parcel.

   I have chose to grade this material differently than the normal way I do, and have graded it by size.

Grade A-1 =$10.00ct. 2.08cts. down to 1.00cts in size. slightly to moderately included with the bulk leaning towards moderately included. Still a lot of nice cutters in this mix. 23.00cts. available

Grade A-2 =$8.00ct. .99cts. down to .51cts. in size. Near eye clean to moderately included.  Leaning between the slightly to moderately included end of the scale. Some nice cutting materials. 20.90cts available.

Grade B-1 = $6.00ct. 0.50cts. - 0.26cts. in size. Eye clean to moderately included with a strong leaning to the slightly included with a fair few eye clean 19.10cts available.

Grade B-2 = $13.64 This is for the parcel of eye clean to slightly included material under .25ct down to .15ct. This material has very good color even for the small size and perfect for the overseas cutting. No matter how you look at it this lot is a great price there is 3.41 cts in this parcel. The price per carat is only $4.00.

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