June Newsletter

  Hi Everyone,

  It has been a long time since we've put out a newsletter. Between me having 2 surgeries and losing the wife to cancer,  the business has been on the back burner for a long time. Things have started to settle down finally so i can start to focus on the business once again. even though we haven't been very active with the business we have been continuing to buy rough to enhance our selection and price range of available materials.

  We have started to brake down our selections for facet rough into three categories. 1. select stones. 2. parcels. 3. blind pours. This way we can be sure whether your looking for that special stone or just a random sampling of material we will have your needs covered and in the right price range.

   This summer we will be spending a lot of time away so from approximately July first to mid October we will be primarily selling just pre-made parcels and single stones. If you want to order most anything else expect delays of up to 2 weeks. before i can ship.  Usualy it will be days not weeks.

apache tears rough parcel #2
amethyst parcel #1
amethyst preform 1-1
ametrine facet rough lot #1
aquamarine rough parcel #1
australian sapphire facet rough under 5cts
citrine facet rough parcel #1
citrine select facet rough #4-2
Lemon citrine parcel #3
Namanga Garnet parcel #1
Sapphire Montana select facet rough #2-1
Select Indicolite Tourmaline 1-2
sphene green facet rough for sale
Tourmaline facet rough for sale lot-1

Facet Rough