Apache Tear Rough Parcels

   Apache tears are basically volcanic glass. Most are pretty clean. Since it is a glass it cuts very nicely and quickly. This material makes great practice material. The price is very cheap at a penny a carat. 

apache tears rough parcel #1

Apache Tear Parcel #1

   This is some nice clean stones. Some have a slight rust stain on them. There is 14 stones in this 227.0cts. parcel. The largest is 38.25cts and the smallest is 2.75cts. an average size of 16.21cts. The price of this parcel is $2.27

Apache Tears Parcel #2

apache tears rough parcel #2

   Another parcel of nice stone. This parcel weighs 225.8cts and has 18 stones for an average size of 12.5cts. The largest is 37.7cts and the smallest is 2.8cts. The price of this parcel is $2.25


Facet Rough