Amethyst Rough Parcels

Amethyst Parcel #1

amethyst parcel #1

   Here is a great deal. These are 2 large stones they are 128.9cts and 111.0cts for a total of 239.9cts. These stones have some inclusion but will facet clean stones with little to no extra loss. The cost of these two stones is a steal at just $23.99

Amethyst Parcel #2

Deep Purple Amethyst parcel #2

 This is a nice deep colored parcel of small amethyst rough. The parcel is 90% eyeclean. and running between 1.25cts and 5.05cts The color is rich enough that even the smallest stone will cut with a good color. This parcel weighs 26.75cts. This parcel is selling for just $9.95


Facet Rough