Blind Pour Facet Rough Parcels

  Blind pours are for the bargain hunters willing to work a little harder to maximize the yield, or don't want to buy a full parcel for the few stones you want to cut. Some blind pours run 80% - 100% facet rough and others just 10% - 20% facet rough depending on the source parcel. Since I don’t have to put in the extra labor, you don't have to pay extra for my time.

A BLIND POUR: Is a random sampling of material from a larger parcel to make a smaller parcel of the size ordered. I may alter a random pour to meet specs or get close to the weight requested.

Afghan Tourmaline Rough For Sale By The Carat

Tourmaline facet rough for sale lot-1

   This is a nice parcel of tourmaline running about 85% high facet grade. The colors are great and most have an open c-axis. The sizes are running between 1.25cts and 4.9cts the avarage weight is 2.27cts. many of these stones have very good shape for good returns. The Price of this tourmaline is $2.25 per carat. There is approximately 316cts Available. Purchase all of what is left for $2.00 per carat.

Australian Sapphire Facet Rough

australian sapphire facet rough under 5cts

   This Australian sapphire facet rough is Below 5ct. rel nice parti-color stones, yellows and blues. The largest stone in the parcel is 4.55cts the smallest is 1.25 with an average size of   1.86+cts The price of this rough is only $2.50 per carat or $2.25 if you Buy what is left.    149ct. left.


Facet Rough